How Long Before Foreclosure Happens?

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  • How your credit may still be saved, even if you’re already in foreclosure
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  • Why receiving a “Notice of Default” may limit your choices for help (and what to do right away, even if your lender has already notified you of a Notice of Default)
  • 5 possible ways to stop a foreclosure that’s already happened

You see, every state is different and most ask the question, well, how long before foreclosure takes my home?  We want to help you get a clear picture and develop a plan of attack so you can get through it as favorably as possible!

However, if you have strong information as a tool to help put you in the best situation to work through it and even out of it, you stack the odds in your favor!   Knowledge is power and foreclosure can be awful, we’ve been there and we want to help!

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